Serious and organised crime, healthcare systems and medical supply chains

Updated: May 5

What is the nature of the impact of serious and organised crime on healthcare systems and medical supply chains in developing countries? What works in tackling SOC’s impact on healthcare systems and medical supply chains?

With its rapid and global reach, COVID-19 is likely to have both short and long-term impacts on serious and organised crime. Two major trends are already emerging, relating to overall changes within the illicit market environment, as well as changes specific to the pandemic response. There have been various reports of organised criminal groups taking advantage of new opportunities to profit from an increased demand in various resources required to manage COVID-19. This has ranged from the illicit sale, and production, of counterfeit medical products, to cyber-crime and fraud.

To identify how serious and organised crime might interact with a response to COVID-19 in developing countries, this report draws on a rapid evidence assessment approach

to identify and assess existing evidence on the relationship between serious and organised crime and healthcare systems and medical supply chains.

See the evidence assessment here.