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ITERU provides expertise to address some of today’s most pressing challenges that arise with the movement of people and goods across territories and borders, in some of the most difficult environments across the world.

We are made up of a small team of in-house subject-matter experts and an extensive network of practitioners who bring local knowledge local and specialist expertise across our five thematic areas, to ensure we deliver locally relevant and evidence-based solutions, with an emphasis on ethical delivery.

What we are talking about

What we do


ITERU has a diverse track record of working with government and private sector clients to deliver subject-matter expertise, policy and programming advice, strategic direction, research and monitoring and evaluation. We work across five thematic areas: migration, displacement, human trafficking, modern slavery, organised crime. We have worked in over 15 countries across North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

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Who we are

Our in-house team is made up of three subject-matter experts who have extensive experience of working across our five thematic areas. Our in-house team work closely with an extensive network of practitioners and institutions to bring together project teams that are highly tailored to deliver locally relevant and evidence-based solutions. Given the very real challenges we work across and the vulnerable populations they affect, ITERU applies a strong ethical framework to all the work we do. We are closely guided by an in-depth understanding of the context and practical experience of what works, risks and unintended consequences. Our in-house team is made up of:

Dr Sasha Jesperson has worked with a range of governments, donors and institutions on migration, trafficking, exploitation and organised crime to deliver policy advice, programme design and implementation, research and monitoring, evaluation and learning. She is a civilian expert for the Stabilisation Unit, part of the reference group for the UN University’s Alliance 8.7 Knowledge Hub and Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Modern Slavery.

Sami Theminimulle is an experienced practitioner engaged in technical delivery of programmes, with a particular focus on conducting research to inform policy and build the evidence-base on modern slavery, human trafficking and exploitation. She has a strong track record of engaging with government and donor stakeholders, as well as CSOs and local communities, including working with vulnerable communities in complex environments.

Dr Fraser Murray has an extensive track record on issues relating to migration, refugees and displacement to deliver policy advice, programme design and implementation, research and monitoring, evaluation and learning. He has significant experience working with local stakeholders including building the capacity of local practitioners through mentoring and training. He is an Honorary Research Fellow with UCL’s Migration Research Unit.